I.T Basement provides reliable onsite as well as remote support for all businesses.  We have experience working with clients ranging from small to medium.Contact an I.T Basement Specialist today to arrange for an obligation free systems audit.


How do you charge?We Charge depending on what type of support we are offering and if the Client is on a support contract or not. Phone Support is charged in blocks of 15 minutes, If we need to log in remote and provide phone support, we charge in 30 minute blocks, and if we need to come onsite for support or Consulting, we charge in 60 minute blocks. The hourly rate depends on whether you are on contract or not. This rate is advertised on IT Support Rates. Web Hosting is charged annually.When do you charge?If you call us for support, consulting or training we charge for that time (per the blocks in the above FAQ).  We issue invoices weekly, but if you haven’t used much of our time we’ll usually wait until the end of the month to send you an invoice.What are your payment terms?Out of contract invoices are 7 days from invoice date, and in contract invoices 14 days.  Projects are tied to milestones: a deposit upfront, a final payment and if the project is large enough – an interim payment in between. Hardware is Invoiced as COD.

What are your response times or Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

If you aren’t on contract with us then a standard support job will be acknowledged and started within 8 hours, and an emergency job 4 hours.  If you are on contract with us, your will a response within 2 hours.

What if I’m unhappy with a job you complete for me?

We have a satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re unhappy let us know and we’ll fix the job without any additional bill until you are happy.

Do I need to go on contract?

We understand that for some customers they need our expertise only now-and-then, so have many customers on Pay As You Go.  However we’ve found for most customers they receive the greatest value by going on contract, as you can received up to 15% off our hourly and daily rates (plus better response times and many other benefits).

Do you provide 24 hour support?Yes, we do.  Some of our customers run Pharmacy’s and Retail Outlets and can operate 24 hours. Our support line is always manned. Simply call our 1300 number to speak with the Engineer on-duty.  An “Out Of Hours” surcharge does apply, so if it isn’t really that urgent it’s best to wait until the next business hour to call – or just email the details to support@itbasement.com and we’ll pick the job up first thing next business dayWhere are you located?We have an office in West Melbourne, locating ourselves close the the CDB. This gives us access to all of Melbourne easily. We have partner I.T providers all around Australia and can assist if you have interstate branches.How long have you been in business?

We started providing IT support to small business in 2000. So we now have over 10 years experience specialising in helping businesses with anything to do with technology.

Why don’t you just specialise in IT Support?

We do just about anything IT for small business. It is important to our clients that we be the technical ear when dealing with other technical providers. The last thing we want our clients to have to do is waste their time dealing with multiple vendors. We can work with your third party software vendors and hardware providers.


What hours are you open?

8.30am-6.00pm Monday – Friday, excluding public holidays.  But we do have an Engineer on-call outside these hours, see the next FAQ.